Online Lua and Mako/Barracuda App Server Tutorials

Carefully read the following before continuing:

This is a collection of Lua and Mako Server (Barracuda App Server) tutorials running on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The tutorials are a copy of the regular tutorials, designed to be downloaded and run on your own computer. Some of the tutorials are not designed to be used by more than one person at a time and the online version may be confusing to use if multiple people use the advanced features of the tutorials simultaneously. The tutorials are also designed to be executed in a sequence.

Local server time: 20:56.

The App Server will reboot in 4 minutes.

You have full access to write any server side code and execute the code on the server side, including Lua and C code. Please be respectful and avoid writing Lua code that blocks the server and/or loading C modules that would crash the server. This would make it confusing to other users using the server.

To prevent abuse, the tutorials are re-installed every hour. Therefore, the best time to use the tutorials is a few minutes past the whole hour. The server may also restart at any time if it detects abuse.


Continue by reading Introduction to LSP.

If you just want the Lua tutorials, start by running the Lua types tutorial. Note that you may edit and run any script by using the inline editor.