Barracuda App Server and Mako Server Tutorials

Server Component Introduction:

  • Barracuda Application Server (BAS): a complete suite of C libraries designed to enable dynamic content control and accommodates a wide range of hardware from deep embedded RTOS environments to High Level Operating Systems (HLOS).
  • Mako Server: a pre-bundled BAS executable for HLOS such as Linux, Windows, and OS-X.

The tutorials included in this package introduce the high level Lua APIs provided by BAS and Mako Server. The menu to the left includes links to the tutorials and demonstration programs. We suggest that you start at the top and progress downwards in the menu.


Installation Directory

You have unpacked the server in the directory:

Stopping the server terminates the tutorials. You can restart the tutorials at any time by starting the startdemo script, which can be found in the installation directory.

Server Address

The IP address of this computer is You can access this computer from other computers in your network by navigating to

How the Tutorials and Demos are Packaged

Each of the ZIP files in the applications sub-directory are separate web-applications. If you look in the console window where the server is running, you should see that the startdemo script has instructed the server to load multiple applications (ZIP files). Many of the applications are designed as "standalone" applications, and it is possible to instruct the server to load these separately.

First Tutorial