IoT and WoT Demos/Tutorials

Internet of Things (IoT) and Web of Things (WoT) Demos/Tutorials, including WebSockets tutorials.

SMQ Chat (WoT Demo Tutorial)

A chat client implemented by using our Simple Message Queues (SMQ) technology. Multiple browser windows communicate via the broker running on the server.

Open Chat Web Interface

See the online SMQ Chat Tutorial for details.

LED SMQ (WoT & IoT demo/tutorial)

The LED SMQ demo and tutorial shows how to bridge WoT and IoT. A web based user interface lets you control LEDs in a device. The device code is available as a simulated device for HLOSs, such as Windows and Linux and for the mbed platform. The LED SMQ tutorial can be found online.

Download and compile the simulated device code for HLOS as follows:

  1. Download the SMQ ZIP file.
  2. Unzip to any directory.
  3. Using your favorite editor, open SimpleMQ\examples\m2m-led.c and change the following:
    #define SIMPLEMQ_DOMAIN ""
    #define SIMPLEMQ_DOMAIN ""
  4. Compile the code for POSIX (such as Linux) by using the provided makefile.
  5. Start the led-smq executable -- i.e. start the compiled code.
  6. Click the button below to open the web based LED management controller.

Open SMQ LED Web Interface

Make sure you open multiple browser windows so can you experience the true power of the SMQ pub/sub protocol when multiple browser windows control the same device. Note that you can also toggle LEDs in the simulated device by pressing the keyboard keys b to d (off) and B to D (on). Make sure to look in the browser window when pressing a key in the simulated device.