SharkSSL is included as a component of the Barracuda Application Server. You can navigate to the server using a secure connection; however, you will get a certificate warning if you do not follow the instructions below.

SSL and Certificate Management

The server includes a certificate that is signed using Real Time Logic's root certificate. You will get a certificate warning in your browser if you do not install Real Time Logic's root certificate and if you do not setup a local DNS entry for the name 'MakoServer'.

The Certificate Management for IoT Tutorial explains how to change the certificate in the server by creating a configuration file that instructs the server to load your own certificate. Please contact Real Time Logic should you have any questions on certificate management.

Perform the following actions prior to clicking the link below in order to avoid getting a certificate warning:

  1. Install Real Time Logic's root certificate
  2. Make sure you have the following entry in your hosts file:    makoserver
  3. Navigate to the domain name http://makoserver:80 after adding the entry in your hosts file.

Open Secure Connection

Documentation and Examples

  • How to create a Barracuda App Server HTTPS listen object
  • Secure socket client and server examples
  • Certificate Management App

    The certificate management app is included in the Barracuda App Server tutorials. The tool provides an easy to use graphical user interface for creating certificates.