The Web File Server is a combined WebDAV and Web File Manager.


The Web File Server can act as a WebDAV server and Web File Manager. The video to the right shows how to map/mount a WebDAV server from Windows and Mac. The Web File Manager can be accessed via the same URL as the Web File Manager.

How to Map/Mount the WebDAV Server:

View the above video for instructions and use the following URL for mounting/mapping the directory where the server is installed:

Copy the above URL and paste into the dialog box as shown in the above video. Note: the above video was produced for FuguHub, a consumer product designed by using the Barracuda App Server library. See the FuguHub WebDAV page for information on how to map/mount using operating systems other than Windows and Mac.

Web File Manager

The Web File Manager is, by default, presenting a Human to Machine (H2M) interface, but it can also present the directory information in JSON.

You can test both presentation modes by clicking the two following links: